Rose Club, Cologne - 25th September 1990 - image by Wolfgang Schreck.

Major Contributors
Dietz Güldner
  • Owner of the Rose Club from 1986 - 1994
Christa Erschfeld
  • Owner of the Rose Club from 1986 - 1994
Fabian Beyer
  • Maintainer of the Rose Club Concert History
Mike Ziegler
  • Author of the original layout

Additional Contributors
David Willhauk • Wolfgang Schreck • Lothar Stöteknuel • Wolfgang Prantl • Nicola Heeg & Guido Heeg • Rainer N. • Holger Gruss • Matthias Groß • Jay Triplechair • Bon Von Wheelie • Wolfgang Burat • Chris Jonasson • Wolfgang Kunst • Eberhard Josef • Harald Hellmann

Dietz Güldner • Wolfgang Schreck

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